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HTC Legend on its way to Bell Mobility?
HTC Legend on its way to Bell Mobility?

HTC Legend on its way to Canada via Bell Mobility?

Do you like Android phones? Do you like the hardware that comes out of HTC? Do you live in Canada? It seems like all three of these criteria are going to be satisfied with the pending release of the HTC Legend.

HTC Legend on its way to Bell Mobility?

According to the most recent rumors, the HTC Legend is on its way to Bell Mobility. We originally thought that Telus was getting it, since it already has the HTC Hero, but it seems that Bell is snatching this one up instead.

Bell has been aggressively clearing out the Palm Pre from its stockpile, so the HTC Legend could be a very good replacement as the company’s new flagship smartphone. Right now, Bell’s only Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy, so it’ll be good to see some more options on that front.

From what we hear, the HTC Legend will show up at Bell this month or next. I’m guessing it’ll be in the $150 to $200 range with a qualifying three-year contract.



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  1. That’s nice that Bell is finally getting an Android phone, but it would seem this article suggests that Canada doesn’t have HTC phones. I’ve had my Rogers HTC Dream and the Magic for quite some time now (since June 2009), and ya, I love the Android market. HTC is definately a great phone.

  2. Why is it that we look to the providers for phones and exclusivity? Why can’t I walk into a nice store and buy any damn phone I want and know which phones will work on which providers? No problem that providers do it the way they do as long as I have a better way to do it another way.
    while we’re at it how about a small reduction in plan costs if I’m not getting their subsidized phone?
    so and so is bringing the so and so phone, meh…

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