HP Slate tablet to be resurrected with webOS?

HP Slate may re-surface with a Palm WebOS varient for tablets

The iPad has been a fantastic seller for Apple and it seems to have spawned a new market of other tablet-like devices. The HP Slate was slated to be a major competitor, but it seems like the project has been scrapped. Or has it?

The main problem with the HP Slate is that it was designed to work with Windows 7. Unfortunately, that operating system comes with too much heavy-lifting for a device like the Slate. So, what happens now? It seems that the Slate could be coming back with webOS.

As you know, HP recently purchased Palm and this will give the computer-maker access to the Palm Pre’s webOS. The more mobile-friendly operating system could be a much better fit for the tablet. What’s more, the “new” device could be called the HP Hurricane.

The current rumors are pointing toward a Q3 2010 launch window for the HP Hurricane, so we’ll have to keep our ears to the ground for more on this as it develops. What do you think? Can HP compete with the iPad if it uses webOS?

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