Android ousts iPhone in US Q1 sales

Google Android surpasses Apple iPhone in US Smartphone Sales

Although Apple is the biggest American phone company, that doesn’t automatically give them the seat for the most US smartphones sold. RIM has the number one place, followed by Google’s Android, and iPhone coming in third. According to NPD, a market research firm, Google’s Android operating system had a 28 percent market share in the first quarter of this year, RIM’s BlackBerry OS had 36 percent, and the iPhone sat in third with 21 percent.

Growth for Android was fueled by Verizon wireless’ “buy-one-get-one offer” which expanded beyond their traditional RIM device offering to now include all smartphones. This also helped Verizon achieve a 30 percent smartphone market share, still behind AT&T at 32 percent, and well ahead of T-Mobile’s 17 percent, and Sprint’s 15 percent.

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