ClamCase for iPad adds keyboard, keeps Steve Jobs up all night

ClamCase for Apple iPad adds chiclet keyboard

What I would call the most de-evolutionary accessory for the Apple iPad, is the ClamCase.  Sure, it matches the shiny glossy iPad display making you have to clean fingerprints twice as long, it even appears to keep it relatively thin, but doesn’t turning your iPad in to a mini-notebook computer by adding a keyboard undermine it’s entire magical existence?  Fake Steve is going to love you guys. I suppose if the ClamCase is priced right, you could have yourself a half-hacked Apple Netbook for a good price, but it doesn’t appear to have any expansion ports, USB, FireWire, SD slot, please give us atleast a camera!  The “chiclet” style keys should appeal to Mac users by giving them a sense of familiarity, as well as backlight LED lighting, and 360 rotating display connecting via Bluetooth.  I guess it could make for a cool case, since you need to protect the iPad anyway, might as well throw a keyboard on there. But doesn’t it just take the “magic” away?  Expected out this fall, no pricing yet.

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  1. ingenuo says:

    It looks great however you may want to take a look at a different stand/holder at . The Ingenuo stand will give you the option to keep the iPad charged in three different positions slightly inclined “reading mode”, landscape “video mode” and portrait or “writing mode”.

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