Old school Mac gutted and resurrected with the Apple iPad

mac-ipad-conversion Old school Mac gutted and resurrected with the Apple iPad

Old Schol Mac to iPad conversion Photo: Flickr

Do you happen to have some old computer gear kicking around collecting dust? Do you want to find some fascinating new use for it that would resurrect it into the 21st century? With the Apple iPad, you can.

Flickr user Mapgoblin has come up with a creative way to re-use an old Macintosh computer. As you can quite plainly see, the ancient desktop computer has been gutted, having its old display replaced with an Apple iPad. This could make for a great conversation piece!

Yes, there are all sorts of different cases and stands available for the iPad these days, but very few are quite as retro-tastic as this one. Can you imagine placing one on an end table in your living room, providing quite access to everything from TweetDeck to iBooks.

The downside? I’m thinking the racing games that involve the accelerometer may be a little more cumbersome. Holding that big beige box and tilting it from side to side can get pretty tiring! Even so, this is definitely better than using the old Mac as an aquarium!

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