Boost Mobile slips you the Samsung Rant

Samsung Rant on Boost Mobile

I’m still partial to having a true smartphone these days, but there are many other people who are more interested in cheaper messaging phones with full QWERTY keyboards. If that sounds like you, Boost Mobile has you covered with the Samsung Rant.

If you’re thinking that this phone looks a lot like the Samsung Gravity, you’re not alone. The form factor was unique a few years back, but several other messaging phones have started to take on this style (like the LG Rumor).

In its closed form, you get a regular candybar-style phone with a numeric keypad, but the QWERTY keyboard can slide out of the left side, automatically rotating the display into landscape mode. The two buttons next to the screen make menu access pretty easy too. For the other specs, you get a 2-megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, wireless web access, instant messaging, MP3 player, stereo Bluetooth, GPS, microSD expansion, and a speakerphone. It’s not the most exciting phone in the world, but it’s a good fit for text enthusiasts.

You can expect to pay $150 sans contract for the Samsung Rant when it launches on May 19. While you’re at it, take on the updated Boost Mobile $50 unlimited plan, which includes 411, email, instant messaging, voice, text, and data.

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  1. kitkat says:

    I have the incognito now, and the speaker went out so people cannot hear me. I have had the phone for almost 2 years so I really cannot complain about it. My husband also has one and his port for his charger went bad, so either way your going to have problems with all phones. I’m thinking about getting the rant, but the Incognito has been a good phone.

  2. Lydia says:

    should i keep my i4465 or the samsung rant

  3. i would tell janey to totally get the rant because i also have the same phone and it does suck. i have done alot of research on the incognito and found out it is an even more piece of crap than the i776w right now. with that being said i would revremend the rant because that is the one im going to get soon too.

  4. janey says:

    im really confused on which phone to get the rant or the incognito right now i have the i776w and it sucks

  5. this phone is a piece of shit; my charger port went out.!

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