Commuter and Defender rugged iPad cases by OtterBox coming this summer

The rugged Otterbox Defender case for the Apple iPad

Two tough cases were revealed today for the Apple iPad.  They are from none other than OtterBox, the well known rugged case designer.  OtterBox has given us two options, the Communter and Defender, depending on your daily mission.

The Commuter series case is a bit more “light” in respects to armor protection.  It’s still got ruggedness to it, just a slimmer version.   Being able to slide your iPad in and out of the case will be easy, access to ports are protected with silicone plugs.

The Defender series is a bit clunky looking, making the iPad appear to be something released in the mid-80s. Not that that’s a bad thing. It offers three layers of protection, not sure what that is yet, but it’s three layers.   There’s a stand for propping it up on a table, and snap off access panel for your iPad connector or dock.

Either the Defender or Commuter cases are waterproof.  Don’t take your iPad for a dip in the pool or you will be sorry. They are only designed to protect against dust, shocks, drops and bumps. They both come with screen protector skins to protect against scratches.  Hopefully we will see a fully submersible iPad case in the future, until then, these are your options.  Shipping is this summer, pricing is $64.95 for the Commuter, $25 more for the Defender.

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  1. ZeiggiM says:

    I’ve just called their 888# listed on their website…customer service rep couldn’t give ETA, said soon. WTF!?? They are giving competitors time to beat them out of the gate! BTW, anyone know an alternate for the OtterBox?

  2. P Marcus says:

    N Garcia is right… It has been more than a month if not two already that the website says “coming soon” – does not give me a hell of a good feeling that it will be coming soon – or ever!!! Give us some feedback at least: July, August – Christmas maybe???

  3. N Garcia says:

    The Otterbox Defender case has been “coming soon” for weeks…Can you give me a more specific date as to when it will actually be available so I know whether or not to wait on it or purchase something else??? Thanks!!

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