Skyfire 2.0 for Andoid launches with SkyBar toolbar

SkyFire Mobile Browser with Flash Support for Google Android OS

It looks like Fennec isn’t the only one to offer a browser alternative on Android-based smartphones. The kind folks at Skyfire have come forward with the first Flash Video enabled mobile browser for Android. And this isn’t a pre-alpha release either.

In addition to support for all sorts of Flash video-watching on your Android device, Skyfire 2.0 for Android also comes with something called the SkyBar. This is a cloud-computing toolbar that offers three key features missing from the native Android browser (and from Fennec).

First, if you happen to come to a site that shows up with broken Flash video, you can hit the Video icon and it will repair the video so that it becomes viewable. Second, the Explore button brings “smart media recommendations” based on your browsing habits. Third, the Share feature lets you upload sites, videos, and links to your favorite social networking accounts in one click.

Skyfire is already a fairly popular browsing alternative on Windows Mobile-based handsets, so it’s good to see that they’re capitalizing on the growing Android market too. They’re also taking advantage of the rising buzz around social media and Flash video. Is this Flash support a shot at Apple? Maybe just a little.

Skyfire 2.0 for Android is a free download. Check out the video demo for a more in-depth look.

SkyFire Mobile Browser with Flash Support for Google Android OS

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