Fusion Garage launches JooJoo tablet in Canada and Europe

Fusion Garage launches JooJoo tablet in Canada and Europe

JooJoo Android-based Tablet Computer
JooJoo Android-based Tablet Computer

It started out as the CrunchPad and it held all sorts of promises. Then, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington and Fusion Garage had a falling out and the story shifted toward that drama rather than the device itself. Well, we’re shifting back to the device again, because the JooJoo tablet is now available in Canada and Europe.

Well, sort of. Fusion Garage is prepared to take orders from addresses in Europe and Canada, but they’re not making an explicit mention as to a ship date. Even so, some people are saying that it’ll ship in 24 to 48 hours. That’s not bad at all.

For Canadians, the JooJoo tablet is being priced at $499 (Canadian) and that includes free shipping. The European price, based on today’s exchange rates, is a hair lower at 359 Euro ($473), though they’re on the hook for 13 Euro ($17) in shipping costs.

In addition to more international availability for the iPad competitor, Fusion Garage says that it will be pushing out a “robust software update” for the JooJoo that addresses some of the issues that current owners are experiencing.  This update will give users the ability to play full screen HD videos.  Fusion Garage is banking on sales from people who are looking for an “iPad alternative” as they bravely state they are by no means an iPad killer.

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