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iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G Side by Side
iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G Side by Side

Interested in buying an iPhone? Here’s a few tips

iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G Side by Side

With summer just around the corner, many of us tend to refresh our mobile phones.  Perhaps your contract is coming up, or you’ve just had enough of that damn phone shutting down on you sporadically. Whatever the reason may be, we’re going to make it a bit easier on you.  Many of you already have an iPhone (60% of Mobile Magazine reader’s according to an internal survey), that leaves the rest of you with something else.  If you’re out looking for a new phone, and the iPhone is a contender, the question remains: which iPhone is right for you?

It’s easy to say just go with the best, but for many that isn’t in your budget. If you want a cell phone and iPod built in, you can still get the iPhone 3G from many carriers.  It’s smaller, at 8 or 16 GB variants, and also the cheapest ($99).   But with 8/16GB that’s more than enough room for a couple days of music, and you even have room to spare for some apps.

If you are heavily into apps, or plan to be.  Have a vast collection of music, and generally want to do more, the iPhone 3GS may be the way to go.  It’s more expensive than a 3G, but with 16 and 32 GB storage capacities ($199 and $299 respectivefly).   Along with more storage you get a 3 megapixel camera, compared with 2 megapixels of the iPhone 3G.  You are getting autofocus too, and video recording, voice controls, and a compass.

If you already have an iPhone 3GS and want to buy a new iPhone, the only thing you can do at this point is wait for the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, we’re still guessing what it will be called at this point.

The best recommendation I can make though, is to stick it out until June. This is when we expect the new iPhone 4 to come out.  It will without a doubt be superior to the iPhone 3GS,  however, it will be the most expensive.  Apple may drop the price of the 3GS and move the new model into that price category, or just up the anty and charge anywhere between $300-$600 for the models, and that’s with a contract.  On the flip side, the new 4.0 OS update will atleast be 3GS compatible, and that means multitasking too.  A side-by-side comparisson of both iPhone’s specs are available from Apple.



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