Intel convertible classmate PC stays rugged for young ones

Intel convertible classmate PC stays rugged for young ones

Rugged Convertible Intel Classmate PC
Rugged Convertible Intel Classmate PC

Kids can be pretty rough with their belongings. That’s why so many gadgets and toys designed for children are outfitted with soft rubber padding and that kind of thing. Computers are no exception. That’s why the Intel classmate PC line has always been pretty rugged, and now it’s been upgraded one more time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an Intel classmate PC – not by a long shot – but it seems that Intel is intent on keeping this line alive. The latest announcement shows off an Intel-powered convertible classmate PC reference design. This is supposed to be the most flexible and durable design to date. To me, it looks like much the same thing.

For the newest convertible classmate PC, kids get a 10.1-inch LCD monitor, Intel Atom processor, and tablet PC-like functionality that also allows for easy e-book reading. It does have a touchscreen, after all, but it has a “palm rejection” feature to ignore hands resting on the screen in tablet mode.  Continuing with the rugged design are a water-resistant keyboard, touchpad, and screen. It also has improved ruggedness for drop tests, as well as scratch resistant surfaces. If you’re scared of germs and drool, they’ve got an optional anti-microbial keyboard too.

Kids these days are getting some pretty cool toys. Growing up, I thought the Speak ‘n Spell was hot stuff.

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