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What will the iPhone 4 actually look like?

iPhone 4g Concept by ADR Studio's

We saw the images and video from Gizmodo getting a hold of the lost Apple smartphone prototype from a California bar, but is that the real design? Or just a shell to hide all the inner-goodness of what is to come? Designer Antonio De Rosa believes this is not the real iPhone 4G that we saw, but a cheap clever disguise in order for engineers to field test the next-generation Apple device. “If you want my opinion, the shell of that 4G was only a temporary case, because the 2 circular buttons for the volume are very ugly. If it was the real version, Apple may need to change the design after we’ve seen them on Gizmodo.” said DeRosa.

Here is a nicely polished iPhone 4 concept ADR Studio’s has created in response to the latest Gizmodo prototype, it’s something close to the prototype, but also more finely tuned to what Apple may actually put out. A marriage of the 3GS and the Gizmodo found prototype for your viewing pleasure.

iPhone 4 Concept Update



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  1. Its not being called 4g because of the speed service its being called 4g because its the 4th gen

  2. Also it will not be called the 4g…. there is no 4g network in AT&T.. the 4g name got thrown around by bloggers, but its not going to be called the 4g.. why whould it??? Its either iPHone 4 or iPhone HD.

  3. I definitely like this concept’s design shape over the “lost phone” design shape. I think the rounded back fits Apple’s style more than the straight brick-esque version seen in the pictures from Gizmodo. The flat back is more like the 1990’s version of the ipods and the current versions of other phones. Why would they lose all their momentum and switch back to a “been there, done that” design?

    The new rounded buttons seemed pretty lame to me. Not interesting or pleasing. I did like the aluminum(?) flat edges around the prototype phone though.

    Honestly though, a longer battery life and better camera will be the key to wowing me. It’s about time. (front facing? – Cool!)

  4. I agree. Rounded back ugly. Current volume buttons ugly. I’m hoping the stolen prototype is the real deal. I especially despise! the polished metal back in the rendering above. What is this a status symbol for you fetishists?

  5. amen oldskooler! Just btw, shape is an opinion that is very varied among people. As long as the device is truly more powerful than the 3GS, the shape will not matter compared to the thousands of people who will upgrade. For the record, the idea of apple products starting to look the same across the board is pretty sweet.
    I love this phone and I will be picking it up as close to release as I can get my grubby paws on it! :)

  6. I hate the rounded back. I like it square and sharp lines. I think it makes it thinner in your pocket and easier to get out. The volume buttons were not ugly at all. Actually the volume buttons now are ugly

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