Video: Hacker runs Google Android on first-gen iPhone

Hacker runs Google Android on Apple iPhone

Just because you have an Apple iPhone doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself to the iPhone OS. Just as people have been able to hack their Windows Mobile smartphones to run on alternate operating systems, it seems that the iPhone is worthy for some hacking as well.

In the video below, you’ll see that “planetbeing” has been able to modify his first generation Apple iPhone to run Google Android. I don’t know why you would want to put Android on an iPhone (why not just buy an Android phone?), but it is an exercise in what is possible.

That’s the good news. Unfortunately, as with so many other virgin hackeries, the Android on iPhone modification is anything but perfect. It’s not quite flawless and has a few issues, but it shouldn’t be long before other enthusiasts build upon planetbeing’s initial success.

It should be noted, for instance, that this hack only works on the original (EDGE-only) iPhone and does not work on the iPhone 3G or 3GS just yet. Leave it up to the online community.  Someone will come up with the solution. I wonder if they can load HTC Sense or MOTOBLUR on there too… I wouldn’t mind seeing Android for the iPad. Now i’ve probably gone and started something.

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