AT&T launches Pantech Link QWERTY phone for ten bucks

AT&T launches Pantech Link QWERTY phone for ten bucks

Pantech Link on AT&T
Pantech Link on AT&T

You don’t see too many Pantech phones around these parts anymore, but the Korean electronics maker is still around and it’s got a new handset for all the budget-minded texters in the audience. It has just been announced that the Pantech Link will be heading to AT&T and it’s going to be a bargain.

While its outward appearance may lead you to believe that it’s a smartphone of some kind, the Pantech Link is probably better classified as a feature or messaging phone. There’s a full QWERTY keyboard on this “quick messaging phone” and it measures under 10mm in thickness.

The Pantech Link may not have access to an app store in the same way that a BlackBerry or Android device would, but it has been preconfigured to work with AT&T services like AT&T Social Net and AT&T Mobile Share. They say that it is the “slimmest way to stay connected to your social life.” Somehow, I don’t think the slimness in that statement is supposed to refer to its features.  Rounding out those features is a 1.3MP camera, music player, 3G connectivity, and mobile web access. The Pantech Link sells for a paltry $9.99 when accompanied with a two-year contract and rebate.

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