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Concept: Sony PSP 3D portable gaming system
Concept: Sony PSP 3D portable gaming system

Sony PSP 3D could be closer than we think

Concept: Sony PSP 3D portable gaming system

Follow me on this one. When Nintendo first came forward with the Nintendo Revolution, which later became the Nintendo Wii, many people thought the motion-based controls were a fad and a gimmick. Fast forward several years and Sony is now making the Move, which is awfully Wii-like in nature.

More recently, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed the existence of the Nintendo 3DS, pointing toward a glasses-free 3D portable gaming experience. Will Sony do the same with its PSP or PSPgo? It’s very possible, because Sony is already working with 3D video.

This news comes from the 12th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery in Maryland, but Sony is showing off the Viking 3DHD prototype there. This visualization system is, as you can probably figure, 3D in scope and it’s aimed at the invasive medical surgery field. The technology is clearly something Sony could use in multiple channels,  Viking Systems (VKNG.OB) being a smaller company and all, Sony could easily buy them up for future innovations.

Yes, the emergency room is pretty far removed from playing Patapon on your PSP, but this link with Viking Systems could cross over into the gaming realm with an increased interested in 3D. I know. It’s a stretch, but it’s a very real possibility too especially with Sony confirming a home 3D PS3 console in the works, inevitably a portable version is to follow, who will provide the technology for both, and when?



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  1. james braselton

    hi there that be alwsoume a 5 inch 3d dissplay like psp vita with quad core cpus and quad core gpu

  2. Thx for this information. It’s much appreciated! Best regards.

  3. More logs into the fire:
    1 Sharp is making Sony PSP screens
    2 Sharp recently released its 3D & Touch Screen mobile phone LCD screen
    3 Sony and Sharp are in a joint venture on manufacturing LCD screens
    4 Sony Ericsson is making a PSP mobile phone
    The future is crazy!

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