Opera Mini Web browser approved for the iPhone

Opera Mini Web browser for the iPhone approved

Opera Mini Web browser is now available free to download on your iPhone. Apple has given it the green light, but shucks, still no Flash websites.  If that were the case, Flash would be on the iPad next, and ya’ll know how Apple feels about that.

The title of Opera’s press release Monday came bluntly – Approved: Opera Mini App approved for the App Store.  Apple is no longer worried about its Safari browser being the dominant runner for web, it’s not like the Company nets off it much.  Compared to Opera, it’s super slow.  And why would Apple want to get on bad terms with a company like Opera, with that big robot Android lurking about there’s no second chances.  Now fully equipped with iAds, Apple is ready to open up their handsets a little more.  A secret weapon they’ve kept under wraps while distracting us with wild patents.  They plan to bring ads to apps by embedding them and its all ahead of Google.  Apple see’s it as a better opportunity to make friends with developers than have them constantly getting hassled.

Nokia has had Opera for several months, so should get. Get more cool tabs and super fast loading cached web pages, all fo free on your iPhone.

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