Telus gets LG Breeze QWERTY messaging phone

LG Breeze QWERTY handset on Telus Mobility

Even though there are a good number of great smartphones available on the market today, not everyone wants to pay for a hefty data plan. They want some of that smartphone functionality but at a more affordable price. For those people, the LG Breeze from Telus may be appropriate.

Following in the footsteps of so many other messaging phones before it, the LG Breeze is smartphone-like in appearance and functionality, but it’s “just a feature phone.”  You do get a rather large 2.8-inch display and a handy slide-out QWERTY keyboard, so it’s easy to send text and email messages. It also comes loaded with some social networking apps, keeping up with Twitter is a breeze too. Rounding out the specs are the microSD slot and 3MP camera.  A new three-year contract will get you  the LG Breeze for just $49.99. The two-year, one-year, and no contract prices are $129.99, $179.00, and $229.99, respectively.

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  1. Padumas says:

    how can I turn the speakerphone for incoming calls ???

  2. Harvestmoon says:


  3. if you plug it into the computer do you get free internet or do you need a data plan?

  4. if you plug it into the computer do you get free internet or do you need a data plan?

  5. shan says:

    I have this phone and its amazing. I have it on a regular plan with no data. It so easy to text on, the keyboard with the square keys makes it 5x easier then most circle keys.

    it does have vibrate you just simply go to profiles, and slide it to vibrate with ring on normal and outdoor or just switch to silent. \

    I got this phone for $49.99 and it is weel worth it, I can imagine it being amazing with data because it is so easy to use. The touchscreen always gets what I touch right.

    If you have the option of this phone, GET IT!

  6. booya says:

    Yes this phone has vibrate. Im holding the phone in my hand… I know it vibrates. In fact, changed a bunch of settings so that it doesn’t vibrate when I touch the touchscreen and play games.
    Got this phone with a $125 dollar future shop gift card, so it was a pretty good deal.

  7. Beck says:

    By round thing I mean on the front of the screen there is a a round peace that looks like a camera but what is it really ????

    • shan says:

      @Beck, in the top left corner (in the picture) that is a camera for video calling. Like the one the iPhone has. I have this phone and haven;t actually used video chat before but I know its there because I asked the man at the store the same question.

      You can also use it to take pictures by going to camera and then setting and you can hit Inner Camera and take pictures that way. I love using that camera to take pictures of my friends and me together.

    • Hailstorm_7 says:

      i dont have that option?

  8. Beck says:

    Ok I love the phone. How ever I have no idea what the round thing on the front is for as well as I have no idea how to cancel text messages…. Any one else know???

  9. im there says:

    well i want the phone sence the day i say it but i want it with koodo it haz to have vibrate or its no good to me soo please tell me!!

  10. mom says:

    k i have this phone and thats not a lie….im am a hundred billion percent sure that it has vibrate. i dont know who started the rumour that it doesnt, but it definetly does have vibrate. its a good phonw

  11. BRY says:

    my other lg phone broke so they gave me this one.. i’ve had it for couple hours and it sucks sht.

  12. Cheryl says:

    I have had it for just over a week… I LOVE IT!! AND IT DOES HAVE VIBRATE!! Check the settings for silent mode silly people

  13. Kayla says:

    I was testing this phone today and I really liked it. I’m set on buying it. I tested it only for an hour but it didn’t freeze, it’s response to everything was great. The keyboard is a but cheap compared to the Rumour 2, but I can handle that.
    If you’re not sure just test it out for a week or two and if you don’t like it, take it back. If you do, congrats, you got a new phone :)

  14. teri says:

    I was wondering then if this cell is worth buy?

  15. chantel says:

    no this phone has no vibrate. i have this phone and its horrible on a 3g network, it freezes all the time and the touch screen is very very picky

  16. ashlee says:

    does this phone have vibrate…?

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