Dell expands Latitude E-Family laptops, includes the semi-rugged E6410 ATG

Dell Latitude E6410 ATG Rugged Notebook

Dell continues to be one of the biggest computer companies on the planet, so you know that they have to trudge ahead with new units from time to time. Continuing with this, Dell has expanded its Latitude line with at least three new E-series notebooks.

Well, that’s not completely true. They’re not completely new, per se. Instead, the Dell Latitude E-Family got “refreshed” with some “enterprise-class control, design, and collaboration for mobile computing needs.”

On the mainstream front, you can expect to find the “dependable and stylish” Dell Latitude E6410 ($1,129+) and E64510 ($1,164+). The former gets a 14.1-inch screen, whereas the latter bumps that up to 15.6-inches. They both get 3-megapixel cameras, optional discrete graphics from NVIDIA, Fast Response Free Fall Sensor, and the optional Dell Latitude ON instant-boot environment.

If you need something a little tougher, you can take the “semi-rugged” route with the Dell Latitude E6410 ATG. It also has a 14.1-inch screen like its non-ATG compatriot, but this version meets military standards for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and altitude.

All three laptops get secure fingerprint authentication, contactless card readers, one-time-password token capabilities, and intelligement management solutions.

Dell Latitude E series notebook Gallery

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