Apple iPad gets added to the ColorWare collection

Colorware's web application to custom design your iPad

The crazy kooks at Colorware are taking their massive paint buckets to the iPad. I guess we should have only expected so much. If you go over to the Colorware website, you’ll see that they are now painting iPads at will. As before, you don’t get anything extra in terms of specs, features, or performance, but you can stand out from the crowd with a vividly colored iPad.

The blue and yellow scheme featured looks pretty good, I’d say, but I’m thinking that going with a red iPad could just spur on an increasingly overwhelming number of immature jokes about feminine hygiene.

From what I hear, the colorful ColorWare iPad chimes in at a $400 premium over the vanilla silver one you get from Apple. It’s not just regular paint, though, since Colorware says that it uses a custom Softouch finish for a more comfortable mobile surfing experience.  An expensive luxury your eyes may appreciate.

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  1. guy says:

    Looks like it orange and blue to me

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