Real truck driven like third-person video game, not so easy after all


You know when you play most racing and driving video games you have that option of switching through various different viewing perspectives? In general, it seems easier to use the “out of the car” viewpoint where the camera is placed just behind the car. Apparently this does not translate in to real life.

What you see here is a specialized rig meant to simulate the video game experience, but it uses a real vehicle. Seeing things from a third-person perspective actually makes driving quite a bit more difficult for the average person, despite the opposite being true in a video game environment.

Who would have known? I guess I can’t really rely on computer assistance to “rubber band” me to the front of rush hour either? And my car won’t miraculously repair itself at the end of a long drive on the highway? Naturally, you shouldn’t try to recreate this stunt on your own as they used professionals on a closed course, but it is still an interesting experiment nonetheless.

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