Confirmed: Netflix iPad app available tomorrow

Netflix iPad App will give free streaming to Netflix members

The Apple iPad doesn’t officially hit stores until tomorrow, but Apple has already opened the floodgates by releasing many of the iPad apps through iTunes. One of these happens to be the Netflix iPad app and, get this, it fully supports video streaming.

This means that it can do so much more than just queue up some videos for later viewing; you can actually watch all your Netflix content right on your iPad. That’s pretty sweet.  The iTunes App Store had screenshots and other information about the Netflix iPad app, but they seem to have been removed it in the meantime should you feel so inclined to read up on it before getting your hands on an iPad this Saturday. Streaming video to your iPad is free to Netflix members on plans starting at just $8.99 a month.

“The innovation and consumer appeal of iPad make it a perfect device for instantly watching TV episodes and movies streamed from Netflix,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and chief executive officer. “We are excited to make a Netflix App available to iPad users beginning with the iPad launch.”

Interestingly enough, the app itself is rated for audiences 12 and older due to simulated gambling, fantasy violence, and suggestive themes. I guess it can show previews and such that may not be appropriate for the younger set?

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