Apple iPad drifting north: 23 days till Canada?

Apple iPad expected in Canada April 24th

The Apple iPad is scheduled for release in the United States on April 3rd, but what about Canada? Even though the American pre-orders are pretty much sold out and have begun shipping, Apple is still working on getting some stock north of the 49th parallel. From what we hear, the Canadian launch date of the iPad is being planned for April 24th. That’s a full three weeks after the American release, so hopefully the OEMs can keep up with demand by that time.

So, why do we think it’s coming to Canada on April 24? It seems that the weekend of April 24th has been marked out as a “black out period” for the staff of Canada’s Apple Stores. This means that employees cannot book this time off and when Apple normally does this, it means that they’re expecting an increase in store traffic.

There are no other major announcements being planned for the next month, so it has to do with the iPad right? If you don’t want to be one of the people camping outside a brick-and-mortar stores (or aluminum-and-plastic, as the case may be), I’d suggest you keep your eyes on the Apple Canada site for pre-order information.

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