AT&T addressing iPhone connectivity issues: Not so fast Verizon Wireless


att-verizon  AT&T addressing iPhone connectivity issues: Not so fast Verizon WirelessEver since the original Apple iPhone launched way back in 2007, thousands of customers have complained about how poor the network performance was with the iPhone. AT&T’s exclusivity over Americans gave them little choice but to put up with it or get another phone.

Could the shackles be broken? If the rumors of a CDMA-equipped iPhone destined for Verizon Wireless, why would Apple and AT&T be continuing the a relationship by working closely with Apple to rectify the network issues.  AT&T first provided Apple engineers with “masterclasses in wireless networking,” so that the iPhone could optimized to consistently connect to AT&T’s busted up network. AT&T is throwing alot of money at it – since they’ve made a pretty good killing off the iPhone, how can it hurt to talk to your #1 device manufacturer – and hoping the problems will go away.

Reports further indicate AT&T reps were flown to Cupertino, and no, it wasn’t to check out Starbucks. They met with Apple designers and engineers, gave them a bit of a 101 on wireless networking, supposedly giving birth to a next-generation iPhone to become less of burden to their network.

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