Transformer keyboard concept gives laptops the full QWERTY

I don’t even remember what a full-sized keyboard feels like, it’s literally been years since I have used one for more than 100 keystrokes.  But for those of you who just can’t adapt, here’s a concept from Yanko Design that puts a full-sized keyboard – transformer style – in to a laptop.

The concept is called iWEB 2.0, I would have called it the franken-laptop-keyboard-beast or something stupid like that. The keyboard folds out on two hinges that allow it to expand by 100% of its collapsed size.  Sure you gain a numeric keypad, but is it really that important? I’m not an accountant or anything like that, I would have rather seen a massive touchpad or at least a flat space for my brewsky.

The iWEB2.0 laptop keyboard concept

iWEB2.0 Concept Foldable Full-size laptop keyboard gallery

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