Google Android smartphones get loaded with Firefox Mobile Google Android smartphones get loaded with Firefox Mobile
Fennec Mobile (FireFox Mobile) Beta for Android devices
People got pretty excited when the Mozilla crew said they’d be making a mobile version of the popular Firefox web browser. Unfortunately, the versions released were for less popular platforms. That’s changing, because they now have Fennec pre-alpha for Android and it’s available for download.

As you may recall, the first version of “Firefox Mobile” (Fennec) was made available for Nokia Internet tablets, but not too many people are rocking those just yet. Then, they shifted their attention to Windows Mobile, but few people are using those smartphones too. Android is on the rise, so it seems that Mozilla has it right this time.

It’s not exactly bug-free and they still need to iron out some of the kinks, but it’s good to see the development team trucking along with improvements. According to Gizmodo, Android Fennec would be a “pain to use as your day-to-day browser,” but that should change with future releases.

One of the more interesting developments will see the inclusion and creation of add-ons, just like the extra plug-ins that you can install with your desktop Firefox browser.

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