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Review: Motorola Devour Android Smartphone on Verizon Wireless

Motorola Devour on Verizion Wireless - Photo: Fabrizio Pilato

The Motorola Devour is now in Verizon Wireless stores for $149.99 on a 2 year contract. We received our unit last week and have had a chance to give it some attention, with a 3.1-inch touchscreen, 8GB microSD card, Bluetooth, and Android 1.6, it’s not a bad little unit to keep you socially connected.

Featuring MotoBlur the Devour is intended for the younger twittering generation, it basically streamlines your texts, feeds, emails and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace allowing them to be synched in real-time on your Devour’s homescreen.

The actual phone is akin to a block of metal. It’s got a hefty solid feel to it, like the old RAZRs did when Motorola was making them out of aluminum. You know its in your pocket, and wont forget about it that’s for sure. The screen is bright and vivid, but disappointingly smaller than I would have liked to see. Touchscreen accuracy was quite good, although the on display keyboard is rarely used due to the larger slide-out keyboard, regardless, I found it quite responsive and accurate. The touchscreen navigation pad (a small square in the bottom left corner when held in portrait) is quite finicky and just a strange thing to use. I guess Motorola was making a navigation option for those who do not like to muck up their screens, but it just doesn’t work the way it should. It’s jumpy, slow, and unresponsive. Something that wasted space and could have made for extra screen real estate.

With the size of the Devour, how could it not have a QWERTY keyboard? It’s quite large, has a soft velvety texture and once you get past the symmetrical layout of the keys, as opposed to a slight offset that we are normally used to on our laptops, it works quite well. There is no clicky tackyness to them, but the buttons could have been elevated slightly more to give you a more noticeable response, sometimes you don’t know if the key was pressed or not just because its so smooth.

The camera failed in three tests with different QR Code applications. In all sorts of available light and artificial light, it was unable to focus and identify any QR Codes, this was very disappointing. At 3 megapixels you would expect some type of quality, at least in the auto-focus department.

Bottom Line

If you are getting this phone just for the Android functionality, you may want to hold out as its still on 1.6 and no updates have been spotted yet. Google Navigation functionality has surprisingly made it on the device, which I love, but you will have to download a text-to-speech voice kit from Android Market to get that working. The design of the Devour is not exactly sleek, but it does have a great heavy duty metal feel to it.  The small screen size and bad camera performance are things to seriously consider before letting this smartphone consume you.

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  1. Gabrielle Matthews

    The Motorola Devour is the worst phone i have ever had. Of course i was so happy to get it when it first came out because i thought it was cute lol. since i have had it i i lose service all the time, my phone cuts off for no reason at all. I don’t recieve text messages or phones calls. Forecloses for everything absolutely everything. Every time i talk to someone from Verizon they say Motorola should be sending out an update in a couple of days but that hasn’t happened yet. Did i mention my GPS sometimes doesn’t work so luckily most of the time i know where im going but if i don’t im completely lost. So as soon as February comes around i will definitely be team i phone because i cant take paying a bill when my phone doesn’t want to act right

  2. Plus my service dies a lot, while my husband can be right next to me and have full bars, i will have no service to no service. He still has problems with his.. just not as much as mine. We both have battery problems I will only call some one once for 5 minutes and within a few hours its dead.His phone will delete his contacts and then Link two of them together that dont even belong together.

  3. My husband and i have this phone and we hate it. I am always getting force closes on everything. In a year im already on my 3rd phone. they kept crashing and could not get past the motorola Loading screen. The 4th time i happened they gave me commands for a hard restart. it worked. But now its back to force closes. My touch screen is going out. it likes to restart all the time. I wish i would have never gotten it. I think once i can, im going to a different phone company and getting different phones

  4. My wife and I have had this phone for about three months and is an absolute nightmare. I had to download an app. To unintall programs……it constantly lags when we text to one another….randomly drop calls……volume disappears unless restarted….opens random programs through my task killer and the list goes on. We are crushing these and buying something that actually works correctly. Absolutely do not buy this..what verizon calls phone.

  5. Okay, I have had the Devour for almost 6 months now. I had no problems with it until last night when I downloaded an app. I opened the app then closed it. Instead of going to my home screen, it when to the white “M” Blur screen. I can’t hook it up to my Laptop to maybe see what is wrong with it. I’ve taken the battery out and the memory card. I’ve left it turned off over night and still it is not working.

    Does any one know what I can maybe do?
    Please leave comments.

    • mine did that last night too! i took it to verizon and they said there is nothing they can do but they’ll buy it back from me.. i paid $220 for it last month, they offered me $65  .___.
      worst mistake ever!! : buying this phone!


  7. Also… within the time you read that whole rant. The battery will die and you will regret buying phone… deeply. Have a swell day…

  8. This is the worst phone I’ve ever had. If you slide it up. It turns off. If you slide it down. It turns off. If you text too fast it turns off. And if you leave it alone for a while. You guessed it. It turns off. This thing is ridiculous. It has a mind of its own. It basically tells you to screw off because it can do whatever it wants. Its like the 13 year old kid you never wanted. Oh and if I didn’t mention before don’t bother with the apps because they will ALWAYS force close or….. TURN THE PHONE OFF. All in all.. if you buy this phone good luck because you wont be able to keep it on long enough to read this rant…

  9. i have a devour the apps are good but they freeze up and force close. the phone battery is really bad even on lowest display lighting. the phone has many problems my best advice is dont bye it.

  10. What is wrong with you people? I had my Devour for 2 months and I totally LOVE IT. Best phone I’ve ever owned. I don’t get with these people cursing this phone constantly. It never froze on me, never had to restart, and the battery is good. I use it all the time and it works fine and looks pretty sleek.

  11. This is perhaps the WORST phone EVER. I bought it the first week it came out which coincided with my upgrade….what a HUGE mistake! The phone freezes…constantly…have to pull the battery at least 5 times a day. I have to force close the main applications after every text message in or out….it loses signal as if I were in the middle of Siberia…with no explanation. Finally just bit the bullet and opened a second line so that I could take advantage of a great sale at Best Buy. Now…the new phone is my main line….and my good old Env2 is the second line. The Devour? I smashed that piece of garbage into a million little pieces…..it was very therapeutic!

  12. Mycollege aged son convinced me to get one for me and one for him since they were on sale two for one at the local Verizon store. We found the apps very handy especially the battery life, facebook, navigation and a few others. It has five panels on the home page that you can customize with stuff like the weather, messages and a cute analog clock. The browser is cool and does not freeze on us like others have complained about. The phone features are great with the speaker phone and mute buttons readliy available for work conference calls in the car. The battery does not last more than a day or two but if you keep a charger handy and turn off the GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth when not being used you can extend battery life to the maximum. It’s a sturdy RAZR like phone that’s really a mini computer, and sure beats opening up the laptop to access the web in a pinch. I like it and had reasonable expectations of this relatively new technology from the get go.

  13. PLease do not purchase this phone!! It is an absolute nightmare. It will freeze, not turn on, etc. I am waiting on my 4th replacement. Verizon will just keep sending you the same model. Even the sales associate at my local Verizon store said it was an awful phone and isn’t made to hold all the bells and whistles it has.

  14. can i watch youtube and stuff on it? is the phone a bad idea? i like watching videos and thats what i really want

  15. I personally love my devour! I’m a person who really don’t pay attention and drops my phone all the time and it holds up great! I’ve only had one and no replacements. I enjoy my phone very very very much. The battery life I can deal with. I text a lot and get on the internet and it holds up, but a reminder would be just to keep a charger just in case. One issue I have I just wish it would have a bigger screen, that is about the only problem I have. I recommend this phone who is phone savvy, some of the apps or internet use is confusing.

  16. My wife and I both have this phone and neither one happy with it. Besides poor battery life, touch screen freezes or doesn’t respond about once a week and have to power off/on to restart. We had these for about 3 months and wife’s phone would just flash motorola blur screen and do nothing. Got a replacement and I think they sent a used phone, as touch screen wouldn’t work correctly and phone would lose hers contact list. She has lost hers twice. Two weeks later my phone is doing the same thing with just flashing the motorola blur screen and can’t do anything with it. So basically have had 3 devours in 3 months and none working now. DON’T BUY A DEVOUR!!!!!

  17. I’ve had my devour for about two weeks and I love it. Mine doesn’t freeze or anything like other people say. The thing I really hate is the battery life, it really sucks so you may wanna keep your charger with you at all times and the camera sucks. I love the apps, they’re amazing and the internet access is awesome. So yea I’d recommend this phone.

  18. i have heard alot of complaining about the battery.. i have had my devour for a month already and i have no issues. ya the battery will last all day and i can be on my phone all day…compared to the sidekick Lx…i cant complain about the battery life

  19. I have tried two devours….can’t make it through the day without the battery dying. I returned it.

  20. hello everyone, i am thinking about getting the devour this week. But i have heard some bad reviews over it. Can anyone please leave some comments and tell me weather i should get it or not. Because if i don’t get this phone, i will be getting the En V touch. Thanks again 😀

    • No!!!!! Dont do it i have one myself and i sware it is the worst phone u will pull ur hair out if u get it. For instance on mine if i get on the internet it will close out and it freezes ALOT and calling sucks its just a horable phone

  21. I have had my devour for about a month. I love and hate, if that is possible. I love how easy I can get to facebook but have that I am not able to auto focus. Therefore, I am not able to use any of the barcode apps.

  22. I had mines for about a month now. Actually I really enjoy my devour. Yea its heavy and such but the apps runs smoothly…I’ve notice that on most smart phones apps force closes frequently. I like the Notification bar, very easy to customize, Battery life is kinda sucky…but i mean…why be on the phone all day? I recommend this phone for college students on the go, that’s not fully dependent on a phone(too much time on their hands).

  23. Battery life is horrible even when you have the lowest lighting and you have to get power management apps to control the power consumption, lots of apps crash, heavy in your pocket (but at least you know its there), and the only thing that is good if you are in a jam to smash a window. This phone will do it because of its sturdy design with aluminum. (Brick phone Alert!) Oh yeah and the bar scan tool on the camera can’t recognize the UPC.

  24. I have the Devour and have had it for a short time now, and you can set notification ringtones other than the original ones, you need to put a folder on the sd card named “notification” I believe (Search it on the internet, I found instructions for doing it on the Droid and worked on the Devour).

  25. Yeah I recently have gottent he devour and am disappointed in the fact that I am slowly discovering it can not do the same simple thigns that some of my old school phones could do. EX: Setting a ringtone NOT originally on the phone for your notifications/messages. Not liking these minor but major defects.

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