Sprint rolls out Android-based Push-to-talk Motorola i1

Sprint Motorola i1 PTT Android Smartphone - Photo: Sprint

It looks like the Google Android OS is really starting to pick up steam, especially in the smartphone market. We’ve got the Motorola Milestone for the classy types, the Motorola Backflip for social crowd, and now we have a slightly more rugged option – the Motorola i1.

The newest Google Android phone to come out from Motorola may look like any number of other touchscreen devices, but it comes with a feature that is important to many Sprint customers: push-to-talk.  I’m not big on the whole PTT thing, but there are many industry professionals and other niche customers who need that kind of functionality. The Motorola i1 is, in fact, the first PTT-capable Android touchscreen device from Motorola.  It also has a 5MP camera, Opera Mini 5 browser, Flash 8, WiFi, microSD, and a 3.1″ 320×480 touchscreen.  Oh, and the “tough” part of the equation? The Motorola i1 is rated to Military 810F spec, so it’ll resist dust, moisture, drops, and other kinds of physical abuse that you might throw its way.

The official page doesn’t mention pricing or release date, but since there is a page set up on Sprint, we can probably expect a launch sooner rather than later.

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  1. sluu says:

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