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Opera Mini on iPhone loads pages 90% faster than Safari
Opera Mini on iPhone loads pages 90% faster than Safari

Opera Mini for iPhone is a huge improvement over Safari

No you’re not dreaming, Opera Mini for iPhone was officially submitted to the Apple iPhone App store today.

Opera Mini for iPhone

If the new app can survive Apple’s cryptic and gauntlet like review process, it will be a big win for the millions of iPhone owners who have been left less than satisfied with their current browsing experience found in Safari.

The Norwegian company claims its mobile browser is “fast like a rocket” and host to a long list of features that are sure entice you: browser tabs, page caching, text search, and history are at the top but the real secret to its reign over Safari is its compression engine.

“Opera’s streamlined rendering engine and server-side compression allows Opera to load Web pages much more quickly than other mobile phone browsers.”

This magical compression they speak of accomplishes this by simply reducing the amount of bandwidth your hungry mobile device consumes while browsing the web. The wonderful side effects are that less page loading wait times while saving you money on roaming data fees.

Opera wants this so badly that they’ve launched the Opera Mini counter that tracks how long Apple takes for them to get an iPhone App Store approval.  I’m not sure if this is helping their case any, so it may just be for jailbroken iPhones until then.

“Opera Mini uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing Web pages by up to 90%”

Eat that Safari.  Dear Apple, don’t be a tool, let Opera Mini come play with the rest of the apps. Check the video preview below.

Opera Mini on iPhone loads pages 90% faster than Safari



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  1. Found a great explanation from a Wired article:

    “The reason that browsers other than those based on Webkit (Safari) aren’t allowed on the iPhone is that Apple bans the running of interpretive code. This means Java, or Flash, or any other runtime is out.

    Opera Mini gets around this by doing all the rendering on the server – Opera’s servers actually run web browsers – and sending what are essentially pictures to the phone.”

  2. Will it run Java or Flash?

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