Nintendo 3DS is the Nintendo DSi with a 3D display

Nintendo 3DS is the Nintendo DSi with a 3D display

Nintendo 3DS announced in Japan
nintendo-3ds Nintendo 3DS is the Nintendo DSi with a 3D display
Nintendo 3DS announced in Japan

It seems that the next generation of Nintendo handhelds are entering a whole new dimension and it could be much more innovative than that bigger-screened Nintendo DSi XL. That’s because the Nintendo 3DS will feature a 3D display and you won’t even need some goofy goggles to make use of it.

This not just a rumor. Nintendo Japan has officially announced the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re expecting Avatar-style 3D where the objects leap off the screen, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. That’s not the 3D you’ll be getting here, from what I can tell.  Instead, from a best guess point of view, the Nintendo 3DS will an accelerometer.  In doing so, it can alter the perspective of the game to give the appearance of depth depending on the tilted angle it is held at. It’s like you are looking deep into the screen for 3D rather than having things come out of the screen. There may be more to it, but that sounds like the main 3D tech being used.

The rumors surrounding other features are plentiful. It will be backwards compatible with DS and DSi games, but it’s unclear whether it’ll have vibration feedback, or a higher resolution (720p) screen. There might be a Tegra chip and there might be a 3G SIM slot for over-the-air downloads.

A more formal unveiling will likely take place at E3 Expo this June.

Update: This is not a Nintendo 3DS demo but a DSiware title called Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda.  It uses the DSi camera to detect how you tilt the system and uses “Head Tracking” technology.

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