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Verizon Wireless Razzle
Verizon Wireless Razzle

Verizon Razzle QWERTY phone offer comes with free BT headset, car charger and sweet plan

Verizon Wireless Razzle

Still on the fence about joining big red for all your cellular needs? It seems that Verizon is working hard to attract more customers and one of its latest offerings will cost you nothing up front, and you’ll walk home with a bag full of stuff.

If you go to the product bundle page, you’ll see that you can get the Verizon Wireless Razzle, the LG HGB-210 Bluetooth headset, and a Vehicle Power Charger for the affordable new low price of zero dollars and zero cents.

The Verizon Razzle features a “swivel bottom” that can be used to reveal a music player on one side and a QWERTY keyboard on the other. You also gain access to V CAST Music with Rhapsody and VZ Navigator, as well as a 1.3 megapixel camera and mobile web access.

To go along with this package bundle, they’re giving you a Nationwide Talk and Text Plan starting at $59.99 a month. For that price, you get 450 anytime minutes, unlimited messaging, unlimited calls to other VZW customers, unlimited nights and weekends, and no additional domestic long distance charges.

Sounds like a pretty decent deal to me, but I can’t speak to how much you’ll like the Razzle. Then again, getting a phone and a BT headset for free is pretty nice. Any Razzle owners want to chime in?



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  1. I got a razzle, the build quality is solid, the “chin” is only there when you turn it to the keyboard side, when the music controls are up the whole phone is flat like a blackberry or something of the sort. the tilt on the keyboard also makes it nice to text, the buttons are very tactile, they have that click feel but dont make too much of that click sound. Overall I am very satisfied with my “purchase” not that i paid anything for this great phone.

  2. The design is awkward, at least.
    As if those 4 music buttons couldn’t be integrated within some on the buttons on the front. Android phones are famous for their ‘chin’, but the Razzle brings the chin to a whole new level: a massive double chin!

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