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HTC responds to allegations from Apple regarding patent infringements
HTC responds to allegations from Apple regarding patent infringements

Apple and HTC legal battle continues with a history lesson

HTC responds to allegations from Apple regarding patent infringements

As you may have heard, Apple has filed some legal action against HTC regarding some of its cell phone technology relating back to the iPhone. HTC disagrees and has issued a press release to express the company’s position as such.

HTC states that it “will fully defend itself” against any lawsuits and legal action that Apple may take. The company “strongly advocates intellectual property protection and will continue to respect other innovators and their technologies.” They also “embrace competition through our own innovation as a healthy way for consumers to get the best mobile experience possibile.” This comes from HTC CEO Peter Chou.

To further reiterates its stance on technological innovation, the HTC press release reminds the public that HTC was the first to create a Windows PDA, Windows phone, EVDO smartphone, gesture-based smartphone, Google Android smartphone, and 4G WiMAX smartphone. HTC prides itself in being unique and pushing the envelope.

How will Apple respond to this response? This could prove to be an interesting battle indeed, as Steve Jobs is never one to back down from a fight.



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  1. Apple was first, with the Newton.
    An OS they sold to Palm. Did HTC, steal the idea of Newton, and Palm?
    Apple was first for everything.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous these guys should lay off who did what first and focus on being competitive. Apple has really turned out to be the Titan of the mobile phone industry with their iron fist of patents and play this weird whack~a~mole game with all the other companies (Google, HTC, Motorola, hell they’ve even given Verizon and their own provider AT&T problems). I think its highly unfair that Apple is developing this strange monopoly on patents. Next thing you know they’re gonna patent the tablet PC and claim they started it first with the ipad?
    Sorry, Staying on topic… if logical sense prevails the suit will be dropped on the grounds that HTC has been using pretty much the same layout for there phones since 05′ with the HTC Wizard and Apple’s Iphone has only been around since 07′ if were going by who did what first. Overall, Apple needs to shut up and give credit to its competitors for coming up with something Similar NOT THE SAME and still turning a profit if there product is as good as they say it is they shouldnt be worried about “second-class phones” like HTC’s.

    PS – I am proud to say I have never owned anything Apple I hate their stupid user interface on the Mac with Leopard OS, I’ve hated them since they were born in 1976 and I was born in 87′ so pretty much all my life. And its not cuz its too expensive its cuz there so closed off, let the freaking public develop on your code already jeez its not like we havent cracked it anyway. I like to think of Steve Jobs as Manuel Noriega an evil dictator who won’t let anyone change his country in any-way either you accept what he offers or off to the scrap heap with you.

    Apple knows Google and other creators like HTC are coming up in this world. The Titan will be defeated so bide your time on the throne Apple for the day of reckoning is well under-way. Peace homies thanks for reading

  3. disposableidentity

    So the were the first to bring out phones based on other people’s technology: Windows, WiMAX, EVDO, Android.


    Basically they were the first company to use their partners’ technology. So doing that before any one else is “innovation”?

    Was the first person to watch a TV an innovator? Or would you say the first person to invent Television was the innovator?

  4. @TRP

    Who cares who was the first do do something?

    Patents are issued to an inventor for a new idea, implementation or step in technology and if ‘prior art’ exists, i.e. someone did something first, and it can be proved, the patent becomes worthless.

    The whole case will revolve on the issue of who was first.

  5. Exactly. And apple patented the shit out of the iPhone and iPad technologies.

  6. Apple has essentially killed competition with their patents.

    If any thing the US patents office should be ashamed with what they are allowing. Its turning into a joke. I should patent the word Patent.

  7. Who cares who was the first to do something, its about who is the first to patent/copyright it….
    Just a couple years ago microsoft filed for a patent on the PageUp/PageDwn function, although its been standard on almost all keyboards for well over a decade……

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