Google Nexus One headed to Sprint

Google Nexus One headed to Sprint

Google Nexus One phone headed for Sprint
Google Nexus One phone headed for Sprint

Sprint today announced they will be a carrier of the Google Nexus One smartphone.  T-Mobile was originally the only carrier to offer an “official” term plan for the Nexus phone at $179 in a two year contract.  Sprint won’t be the only company to carry the Nexus One, yesterday’s announcement told us about Google’s plan to send the phone to AT&T and Rogers Wireless in Canada and an expected addition by Verizon Wireless on March 23rd, but with sales slumping there’s not much of worry on shortages in supply.

The controversy over Google hindering its own sales by competing directly with their partners is rubbish.  If the only phone Google is selling is an unlocked version at the normally exorbitant price of $529, than the only competition would be to the carriers selling unlocked handsets.  Ask your local cellular carrier how many unlocked phones they sell and you will get a good idea about how “competitive” Google is with their partners.  Google’s approach almost appears to be a backward marketing tactic, unleash the Nexus One, but only to early adopters who will pay out for an unlocked handset, after sales slow down send it off to carriers to package and plan as they see fit.  Not bad Google, not bad at all.

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