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HTC HD2 confirmed for T-Mobile – perhaps a little too late?

The HTC HD2 will be on T-Mobile USA starting March 24th - Photo: Flickr

Taiwan-based HTC Corporation brought the HD2 to the shores of North America just a few months after it was available in Europe and Hong Kong. An announcement of its unveiling was reported to us for March 16th, that date has come, and the successor to the HTC Touch HD is officially coming to T-Mobile March 24.

With the HTC HD2 being a pioneer of sorts. It was the first Windows Mobile phone with a touch interface and the second smart phone with the 1GHZ Snap Dragon processor, which makes it incredibly fast. The question is why is a smartphone that is known to have a few bugs in it, for starters a camera defect on some units, now a part of T-Mobile’s product line? It hasn’t received an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7 yet. You’re going to have to deal with the older and chunkier Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system perhaps indefinitely.

Some companies expand their product mix downwards wanting a share of middle income consumers that will buy the new phone. Not too different from Marriott’s more “affordable” line of Hotels. Not every phone on the market can be a Nexus One.

But HTC HD2 cannot be denied one compliment, and that being it is one handsome looking smart phone. This is what makes it a Shakespearean tragedy. All the personality in the world with its specimen of glass, plastic and aluminum surface but doomed because of its lack of OS updates. It’s quite a large one too, and you’re most definitely going to need both hands free while operating it – keeping your coffee hand a little busier than usual.

T-Mobile just announced pricing and a release date (March 24th), it comes with a charger, micro USB cable, headset and memory card, and at $200 (on a two-year plan) the HD2 might be your phone of choice. But different strokes for different folks. If the HTC Sense user interface is what you’re after this could be your phone, and that alone might just make it an enjoyable experience for you.



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  1. Yes I want the weather at the home srceen with news updates, sure I would like contacts visable at any given time, I want a educate app, a flight app, a road congestion status app and yes I need a phone which will respond to my every command and no longer cling/freeze or shutdown like my provide Nokia E72 or my previous Blackberry Bold.

  2. I bought my HD2 almost month ago, already were given lot of apps on it however want extra of course. Nonetheless want to to find better PDF reader, with higher fullscreen mode and multitouch. Making plans set up android on it however it will be now not very soon.

  3. Meh,
    I wondered if the developer kit had already been hacked and this is good news with all the people worried about getting this phone including myself. Your post is encouraging and a breath of fresh air and I am glad there are still some Win Mobile fans out there, since I started this train with a pocket PC version CE. I will more than likely get the HTC HD2 and find a good cook who has a nice ROM :)

  4. Interested Canadian buyer


    I agree with you opinion that the phone will most likely be able to be flashed with the Win Mobile 7 once it becomes available. My only concern is, if I buy this phone on April 1st… Will I be sadly dissapointed with a bunch of new windows 7 phones hitting the market once win 7 is out??? That is my only dilemma.

    Its a hard decision for me to make, since this phone will cost me a fair penny to buy it here in Canada without the option to purchase it on a contract through any of our providers. So, I think I may suck it up and buy a Samsung Omnia II through a contract…and use that while I wait out for the Windows mobile 7 I know want. Definetely not as nice as the HTC HD2, but a fair (lower) contender for a fraction of the price on my side of the border.

  5. First of all the HD2 is the first to have a Capacitive touch screen. Windows Mobile has had touch screens long before the iPhone has. So get that right. The HD2 also has the largest touch screen of any smartphone with the most available ram also. Also, once XDA has got the rom figured out (they hacked the developer kit already) anyone with a current WinMo phone will be able to flash to the WP7 rom, just like we can with android. So this is the phone to get, bank on it.

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