Paid Android Market opens to Canada

android-market Paid Android Market opens to Canada
Google Android Market on a Motorola Devour Smartphone - Photo: Mobile Magazine

I don’t see why this has taken so long, iPhone users have been able to purchase paid apps from the Apple App Store since it was first made available in Canada, so why would Android users have to wait this long?  For whatever the reason, the powers that be have now lifted the restriction which once blocked the Android Market from the great white north from purchasing apps. This could have something to do with regulatory restrictions, as the Nexus One phone just became available to Canadian’s today. Or some marketing tactic by Google.

Up until now, Google Android smartphone owners in Canada have only been able to download free applications from Android Market. It seems that both Google and the big Canadian carriers had some details to iron out before they could do the paid app thing, but those issues have now been ironed out and you can go ahead and buy buy buy.

The paid apps are slowly starting to appear, but there is still a rather large hurdle in the way. If you have an Android phone with Rogers or Fido, you can do the paid app thing. If you have one with Telus or Bell, however, the paid apps aren’t quite there yet.

If Rogers is doing paid apps with Android, it shouldn’t be long before the other two major carriers do the same. Anyone on Wind want to report if they’re getting paid apps on their phones?

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