Kojima: Metal Gear Solid lives again on PSP with Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Shigeru Miyamoto may have come up with an iconic Italian plumber named Mario, but Hideo Kojima is the mastermind behind a crazy kook named SNAAAAAAAAKE. Some people thought that the series was done, but not Kojima. Metal Gear Solid is coming back.

According to some tweets from Kojima himself, the studio is working on a game that could “easily have been dubbed MGS5.” They say that this is a “true” Metal Gear Solid game and it seems to be destined for the Sony PSP.

Called Peace Walker, the game is “going to be released as a portable game, but this is a TRUE MGS game in the saga, not a spin off. Of course, we have put a lot of power into the story. It should be exciting. The potential of a portable game, an innovative system that changes the nature of future MGs is what makes this game a title to look forward to.”

The exact details surrounding the new Metal Gear Solid game are still quite lacking, but the prospects are certainly promising. Should we expect to see Solid Snake again? I thought that guy retired.

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