JooJoo smartbook gets a new look, shipping March 25

New User Interface home page for JooJoo smartbook tablet

Setting aside all of those troubles that Fusion Garage had with Michael Arrington and his team, the new JooJoo tablet (the smartbook formerly known as CrunchPad) didn’t have the most attractive of operating systems in its initial showing.  But now a new user interface is born making the whole package a lot prettier with only just a few weeks left before the companies ship date of March 25.

As you may recall, the old user interface consisted of a near monochrome-like design with icons on a simple grid, still hot when next to the Kindle, but a Commodore 64 when next to the iPad. With the new JooJoo tablet interface looking more akin to a Windows 7 device, the company expects to sell more units before their actual ship-date by giving it a bit more style appeal. With the newly enhanced home screen you get what appears to be a scrolling icon list of applications, a simple yet easy way to navigate on a smartbook, assuming you are left handed.

Beyond the aesthetics, the Fusion Garage team also worked to expand local video playback, update navigation gestures, and iron out multitouch kinks. They’ve also added a moveable one-hand virtual keyboard. And yes, it has support for Adobe’s Flash.

Original Monochrome-esque Interface of JooJoo smartbook tablet

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