Intel preparing a dual-core Atom N500 processor for netbooks

Intel's Atom N500 chip is rumoured to be a low-power portable version of its desktop dual-core processor.

Asus really revolutionized the world when it introduced its first generation of netbooks, the market has grown rapidly since that time and Asus continues to wow us with new netbooks.  We’ve now progressed to new processors and bigger screens, blurring the line between netbooks and notebooks. That line is about to get even more blurred, because Intel wants to load netbooks with dual core Atom processors.

There’s word on the street that we should expect to see the new Intel Atom N500 processor at some point in the near future. This is an ultra-low power consuming version of the D510 dual-core processor that you may have already seen in some nettop devices. It’s Atom, but with two cores.

Even though a big deal has been made over the newer “Pine Trail” Intel Atom N450 processor popping up in netbooks today, since it offers two threads, it’s not a true dual core processor. The Atom N500 will have two real cores and this should provide some real world performance advantages.

It’s not like this is the first dual-core Atom processor, the N500 is the first time that we’ll have one designed specifically for the smaller and more portable form factor of a netbook. Previous dual core netbooks, like the Eee PC 1201N, used “higher-power desktop parts, with a corresponding impact on battery life.”

If this turns out to be for real, we’re going to have some super efficient dual core Atom processors in some netbooks soon.

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