Fido adds “Check Your Usage” to online account profiles

Fido adds "Check Your Usage" feature to online account system.

I remember reading some time back when that Rogers would be adding a utility to allow wireless customers access to their current usage, helping to ensure that they don’t go over their monthly allotment. Then, they released an iPhone app to do the same. It seems that the pet dog is getting a similar service now.

When I logged into my online Fido account this morning, I discovered a new banner in the “My Account” area. The banner, displaying a rather relaxed dog, told me that I could “view your usage for your minutes, data and messaging.”

If you look under the “My Fido Service” section to the left, there is also a link to “View Usage.” This takes you to the same place with three separate tabs for your voice minutes, mobile data consumption, and messaging.

View Voice Usage on Fido

There’s even a little meter representing a percentage of how much you have left of each as well as an indicator as to when the displayed usage total was last updated. For me, the minutes were reasonably accurate, but I’m sure I have used more data than the utility is showing.

View Data Usage on Fido

Either way, something is better than nothing. If you have a Fido account, go ahead and log into the My Account area and check out the usage meter. Myself, I use the built-in call and data logs on my phone, but it’s nice to know you can get the word straight from the dog’s mouth, as it were.

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  1. Fadi El-Eter says:

    Is there a way to check the data usage from the phone (you know, like dialing *225 to view your remaining credit)

  2. confused says:

    if there is long distance charges or “out-of-zone” charges it would be listed under out of zone charge correct?

  3. Levi Roulette says:


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