Zoompass Tag turns your Canadian cell phone into a touchless MasterCard

Swipe your ZoomPass tag module to make a transaction.

It sounds very similar to some systems you may have seen overseas, but it seems that the “use your cell phone as a payment system” technique is being fully transferred over to the Canadian marketplace. Following up on Zoompass from EnStream is the new Zoompass Tag.

Bell Mobility, Rogers, and Telus are all on board with this new technology, since they are a part of the joint venture known as EnStream LP. With ZoomPass Tag, you effectively tap your cell phone at a point of sale machine and the payment goes through in matter of seconds.

Your mobile phone, with the aid of a special sticker, is transformed into a virtual credit or debit card. This works with the PayPass system that you may have seen at places like Tim Horton’s and Superstore. Since it is based on Mastercard, it is no less secure than using the conventional piece of plastic and it is completely contact-less.

The ZoomPass Tag is currently going through a three-month pilot project and they will evaluate the results at the end of that period. What makes the ZoomPass tag special is the mobile application that you will use to trackĀ  purchases, without that it’s just as good as any other key fob.

Mobile payment services are expected to grow to 103.9 million users worldwide in 2011, according to Gartner Research.

ZoomPass Tag on the backside of an iPhone. ZoomPass App on an Android HTC smartphone.

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  1. Mike says:

    Why are people using these zoompass stickers on their phones! Does that not target a highway robbery?? You might as well carry your credit card in your right hand everywhere you go!

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