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Android developers get Adobe Photoshop Mobile Editor

Adobe Photoshop.com Mobile for the Android 1.1

What happens when you see an image with the file format having the extension PSD? That’s correct, you automatically think of the current industry leader in image manipulation, Adobe Photoshop.

The PSD file format is so popular that even rival image manipulation programs support the PSD file format. With Adobe re-branding its flagship software as CS “Creative Suite” and creating an application for the iPhone, it was only a matter of time before we saw Photoshop for the Google Android line of phones. Called the “Photoshop.com Mobile for the Android 1.1” – it allows the user to do easy photo editing and image effects on the fly.

Here’s the interesting part: Photoshop.com editor is available to software developers, and they can provide it within the environment of almost any application they are working on.

So let’s say you’re on Facebook and using a social media application, you can access Photoshop editing tools and edit your pictures and publish them right there and then. Your profile pictures are going to look fantastic, even those taken when you’re having a bad hair day.

Doug Mack, vice president and general manager of Digital Imaging and Rich Media Solutions at Adobe, touted Photoshop.com Mobile as the ‘go-to’ photo editing application for both iPhone and Android devices.

A developer’s website gives Android developers access to the nuts and bolts of how to integrate Photoshop.com Mobile for Android 1.1 editor in other applications. This developers website is providing the application and source code on how to integrate it with an existing application. It’s a smooth and developer friendly process and don’t be surprised if you see this feature very soon in a lot of online applications.

The end user for the Android phone benefits because now they get applications with even greater features and a wider range of integrated Photoshop functionality. They have access to popular tools such as the sketch tool, soft focus, vibrant colors and a whole host of special effects to satisfy all their image manipulation cravings.

Photoshop.com Mobile for Android 1.1 is available to download here: http://mobile.photoshop.com/android or by scanning the QR code from your Android smartphone.



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  1. This has been out for a while – and while free, it kind of stinks – when I tried it. I use PicSay, and it has many more options and works much better in my opinion. There is a free and paid version, and they are both “worth it”.

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