Wind network expands into Ottawa, where the stores at?

Wind network expands into Ottawa, where the stores at?

We Want Wind!
We Want Wind!

WIND Mobile wants to take Canada by storm, but it can only do it one city at a time. For the initial launch, we only saw their services being offered to Calgary and Toronto regions, but now they’re ready to add another town to the mix: Ottawa.

Canada’s capital city has officially been blanketed in the Wind Mobile network, giving all those politicians (and other residents) another option for their cellular needs. The coverage map reaches up to Buckingham in the north, Orleans in the east, Kanata in the west, and Hunt Club and airport to the south.

With the addition of Ottawa, Wind is now available in a total of four cities in Canada (the fourth is Edmonton). The expectation is that Vancouver should be one of the next ones to join the fray, since it’s one of the biggest cities in the country.

The curiosity is that, for whatever reason, there don’t appear to be any WIND stores in Ottawa to accompany the launch of the network in the area. Can any Ottawa readers verify? Any WIND kiosks inside Blockbuster Video locations?

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