Super rugged Xbox 360 consoles for NBA’s road warriors

Photo: ESPNA metal-cased portable Xbox 360.
xbox-360-portable Super rugged Xbox 360 consoles for NBA's road warriors
Photo: ESPN
A metal-cased portable Xbox 360.

I love nothing more than curling up on my couch or bean bag chair, grabbing my Xbox 360 controller, and dialing in some hours on Street Fighter IV or NHL 10. However, not everyone has that kind of luxury. For NBA players who are always on the road, 2K has devised the perfect solution.

It’s not quite the same as the Xbox Portable we want to see to compete against the Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP, but it’s still portable. What you see here is one crazy portable Xbox 360 console, sponsored by 2K.

That last part is critical, because they’re using it as a promotional tool for NBA 2K10 (and subsequent basketball games too). You get a nearly indestructible metal case that contains the Xbox 360 itself, an LCD display, remote control, wireless controllers, and headphones.

This way, the ballers can play their games on the go. From the hotel room to the locker room, they’re ready to play. The screen doesn’t appear to be all that big, but it sure beats nothing at all.

The special 2K metal-cased portable Xbox 360 has been given to Kobe Bryant, who graces the cover of NBA 2K10, as well as Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith, Chris Paul and Tyreke Evans. I wonder what Gamertags they have and what games they play other than NBA 2K.

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