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Google Nexus One phone headed to Verizon March 23rd?

Google Nexus One Phone with Verizon badge

It may not be long before we see Google’s Android phone, dubbed the Nexus One, available on the Verizon Wireless network. If Google adds Verizon to the mix, you and I may get a competitive price – since T-Mobile will have to share their slice of the pie.

The rumor is that on March 23 the Nexus One will be available to Verizon customers, making them the second U.S. wireless carrier to offer Google’s device. March 23 is coincidentally the first day of CTIA tradeshow in Las Vegas, coincidence, or not?

The Nexus One’s slogan reads “Web Meets Phone” which is a classy market position to assume. Let’s breakdown what’s under the hood of this bad boy. It has a sleek tablet shape with a 3.7 inch, WGVA display, 1 GHz snapdragon processor combined with the sought after Android Operating System, 512 MB RAM with a 4 GB Micro SD card (can be upgraded to 32 GB), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and a nifty Digital Compass – just in case the GPS fails and your lost while hiking.

Nexus One comes with a whole suite of Google related applications which continue to grow in numbers each day.

This spring the Nexus One is off to Europe, where it will debut as a VodaPhone product. Rumor has it their release date is April. That means German wireless carrier T-Mobile won’t be the only company with a sole-provider monopoly of Nexus One.



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  1. I just bought my Nexus One. It is cheaper to buy the phone out right. You will then get deals on plans at Tmob like unlimited min/text/wifi for 79.99 , and no contract. So if a better deal surfaces with Verison, you can move services. BTW this phone’s WIFI will work in Europe, or anywhere for that matter that has WIFI, However you will want to pull the little calling card out of the back of the phone to avoid reciving calls

  2. I’ve got the iPhone & MyVerizon Voyager. I go to KS quite a bit and iPhone coverage SUCKS, especially in Kiowa, KS. I swear there must be a dome covering the town . MyVerizon was a STUD! Do I wish MyVerizon had myPhone? Of course, but I dont dare leave MyVerizon at home.I should say ATT sucks cuz I really like my iPhone.

  3. 03/23/10…went to Verizon store during my lunch break..no NEXUS.

  4. Hey guys, don’t believe to all these posts, I just talked to a guy from verizone. He said that they don’t know when it’s coming but he is sure not on March 23, cause if they would get N1 next week, they would got trained for N1… Don’t think that we will get it in next weeks…

  5. Don’t get too excited! The cell phone plan may be a killer for many people like me. Two plans offered for Nexus One with Tmobile. Cheapest is 500 min for $80/month. Don’t know if it includes texting. Google said NO FAMILY PLAN! I asked how much for a family of four. I was told it would be $80 x 4= $320/month. Tmobile phone rep said I could change plan after 6 months but Google said “No.” There are only two plans for Nexus One.

    However, if you pay full price for phone, I believe you can choose your plan. Not sure though. Be sure to speak to both Google and Verizon before you sign yourself up for a two year contract. Single people will probably be okay but families (for those who want more than one Nexus One) will be another story.

  6. will backup assistant be available on verizon’s N1?

  7. Score my upgrade is on the 21st! Now that is prefect timing. Im so damn happy to get rid of this POS BB storm 2!

  8. I returned my EnV touch to verizon because I wanted better web access. The sales guys were climbing over each other to talk me out of waiting for the Nexus & getting a Droid instead. Any ideas why?

  9. Rumor has it that Apple will announce the iPhone for Verizon next week to be available in June. Coincidental?..I think not! If this happens, it will be interesting to see how many Verizon users will skip the Nexus One and wait for the iPhone.

    I bought a Nexus One for T-mobile in January. Loved the phone but the coverage in our area was bad. Had it for a week and sent it back. Can’t wait until next week so I can get it for Verizon.

  10. “Pete Says:

    Yesterday at 10:34 am
    Wish pricing was out though.”

    You know what the pricing will be. It’ll be $175-$200 with a 2 year contract and you’re monthly bill will be $80 if you get the basic plan. That includes the required $30 dataplan. For some reason we cant just get a $10 plan if we dont plan on using data extensively.

  11. ” rdrunner Says:

    Yesterday at 11:18 pm
    @guy if you dont plan on using the data plan, then this probably isnt the phone for you”

    Yeah, because who’d want a giant screen display for mp3 player, gps, texting, pictures, and internet service when you need it.

    This has to be the stupidest response I hear. I realize youre not trying to defend Verizons mandatory dataplan, but I could give you a 100 reasons why I’d want a nice smart phone without listing “Surfing the web daily”. You know whats awesome for that? Desktop computers.

  12. I have been waiting for this. I live in Maine and T-Mobile stinks up here.

    I so hope it is the 23rd as I am leaving for a conference on the 24th and would love to play with this on my trip down to Atlanta. I was seriously considering the Droid, but I think I will wait it out for the Nexus from Verizon.

  13. I am so excited to see this phone coming to verizon. I do have a T-mobile contract, but ends next month on the 14th, which the N1 should be out long while by that time =)
    Yes, it probably will be only offered through the google website just as you can only buy it now, but for t-mobile and verizon as well. Because i asked a few local verizon stores if they would be getting the phone in stock on March 23rd, and they were like “wha? we’re getting N1?”

  14. I’m in the same boat as all of the rest of you.
    My Verizon contract has been up for some time, and Verizon has been spamming my e-mail and phone with offers to “upgrade” my Voyager, (which I happen to like very much), to everything from a LG Chocolate Touch to a Moto Droid.
    I’m waiting for the Nexus-One, since the Verizon IPhone seems to have gone up in vapor, (as in vapor-ware).

    • @Mike W: Apparently the next iPhone release will be available to multiple US carriers. But don’t hold out on that, it could be as far away as Q3 of 2010.

  15. @guy if you dont plan on using the data plan, then this probably isnt the phone for you

  16. Wish pricing was out though. My contract is up and I was thinking of getting a Droid before this news. However, at the Verizon store I get a $100 credit which can’t be used if you buy from Amazon, etc. so I assume you don’t get it if you have to buy from Google. Plus, if the pricing is the same as T-mobile it would cost $280 since I am an existing Verizon customer (180 on T-Mobile is only new customers, not out of contract existing customers). No way I am paying 280 or 180 OOP for a phone. Luckily though Verizon has a 30 day return, so I can buy my Droid and return it if the pricing for the N1 is reasonable.

  17. I will probably renew my Verizon contract to get this phone. It saves a fortune off the sticker price. The gigantic negative is the $30/month I will be paying for Verizon’s data plan which I’ll barely use.

  18. Have been waiting since January for this. Will be first in line.

  19. My Verizon contract ends July 25th! Perf……crap!

  20. Finally!! My contracts been up for over a year now…just waiting for a phone worth the renewal of a contract. Verizon finally got one that I think is worth it.

  21. My Verizon contract expires on March 25th! Perfect timing!

  22. My AT&T contract expires on March 24th! Perfect timing!

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