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iPhone 4G concept updated, price to be cheaper?

The latest iPhone 4G Concept by ADR Studio Italy

The Apple iPhone 4G is expected to cost significantly less than previous models.  Industry Analyst Katy Huberty, from Morgan Stanley believes 85% of the market is not willing to shell out the amount of money Apple want’s for their devices, therefore a price drop is in order for the next-generation smartphone.

“We expect Apple to launch new iPhones in June that offer both a lower total cost of ownership and new functionality, potentially including gesture-based technology,” she explained in a note to investors Friday.

Along with a price drop, the rumor tree blossoms specifications for the iPhone 4G consisting of WiFi N, a 5MP camera, an A4 chip clocked at 600MHz, perhaps faster, and AMOLED touchscreen from Samsung.

Here are new concept images just released from ADR Studio in Italy, courtesy of Antonio De Rosa.  He took readers comments into consideration from his previous set of concept designs.  He appreciates the criticism, and the praise,  and has taken the criticism and tried to improve the concept, with rounded shapes, ‘improving’ the ergonomics, and correcting some mistakes.

“My job is not to be “absolute”. I’m an Apple fan like the others, and I use my work to give shape to small dreams:) This is a tribute to an icon of technology that has radically changed the understanding of mobile communication.  That’s all folks. I’m imagining new gadgets, new scenarios for this remarkable device, which I hope to show you soon.”  said Antonio De Rosa.

Update Note: The name “iPhone 4G” is in reference to the iPhone’s 4th Generation design slated to be released this summer. In all reality it will not be named the iPhone 4G at launch, for more on this check the Clearing the air on iPhone terminology: 4th generation vs. “4G” over at TUAW.



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  1. sikander tanha

    how mush does it cost. is it less then previous iphones or no. and when it will come to the markets 

  2. Shine_shahid2008

    how mush does it cost. is it less the previous iphones or no 

  3. what does at&t means?

  4. how much does it cost?

  5. I don’t see the difference from the first one the only difference is that it cost more money

  6. Dr. Gautam L. Sharma

    I have seen apple iphone4G in youtube, its beauiful, it has made me speech less, its the worlds power in your hands, just cant wait to feel it in my hands, i am waiting for 25th June.
    I had already told my near onces to buy it for me.
    It will be dreem come true.
    Dr. Gautam L. Sharma.
    ” A Apple product lover “

  7. If u dont have the money then don’t cry about it, I have the 32gb 3gs and it kicks ass, and will be preordering the newest phone on the 15th! I can’t wait! Wayyy better than the droid or whatever, peace!

  8. Those prices are true with a 2 yr. contract and paying the $30/mth. data service charge. However, everyone be careful because news on the TV over the weekend stated that starting June 1st, there is a substantial fee if break AT&T’s contract. Regular phone $100-$300 and iPhone is like $375-$600 depending on type of contract, phone, and length of time left on contract. This is something new starting June 1st…. ask before signing any new contracts!!

  9. So the reason for the camera up front is for Ichat for all you mac users. yeah you could use it as just a camera. but its mainly there for Ichat.

  10. To all of you. The iPhone 3GS 16gb is only 300 bucks with tax included and 360 for 32gb at best buy. Period.

    @Susan and there’s is no such thing as free iPhones.

    Plus. iPhones are NOT expensive, is just you people are cheap and expect everything cheap and the iPhone 4g is going to from $400-500 depending on memory with CONTRACT! 600-800 WITHOUT!

  11. I am holding out. I am getting a new phone for my b-day but waiting until the 4 comes out- Hope they hurry!!

  12. Mobile broadband can only be good when you do not rely on it for your daily work because it can really cost you a lot of money to reload! Or better still for home use because you can’t feel the pinch when the money is gone the way you would have felt were t for business.

  13. iphone 4g will have a qualucome snapdragan 1ghz processor

  14. There are rumors that there will be multitasking in 4.0 firmware. I think this design works, it stays true to the iPhone (Not saying it looks like the older models). The iChat feature would be freaking sweet!
    And iPhones aren’t that much to begin with people! (For a sweet device like this).
    But we already know that they probably wont use this design, even if it does kick a lot of ass

  15. FYI an iPhone already has ability to multitask, it is the security software that only limits it to certain Apple apps like the music/iPod app. I believe it is because Apple want to prevent trojan programs etc.

    It will be interesting to see if Apple are willing to go the multitask route, as it is a pain not having it, but on the other hand I dont want malware all over my iphone.

  16. Im still waiting for UK pricing!?!

  17. May i ask why a secondary front facing camera would be optimal for the next generation Iphone? True this would be very useful to say those who are mute, deaf, or communicate with visual stimuli, but IMO it will take up space for other more important enhancements. I have a TB of media, a massive hard drive would make me quite happy. Better service and flash would be welcome as well. None the less, I’m excited =)

  18. I think that the iphone 4G, allowing multitasking, will allow users to start using apps like Skype to make phone calls and therefore the iphone would need two cameras for sure.

    The Flash for the camera will almost definitely be added, in order to compete with the latest android, blackberry and Sony Erricson phones.

    Not sure how much cheaper it will be. Surely adding all these things will increase the price as there will be more demand for it due to the many new features.

  19. My wishlist :)

    1. Better battery life
    2. Better call quality
    2. Lighter weight
    3. Flash for the camera

  20. They need to address some of the simple yet main problems with the iphones capabilities.

    1)A Flash for the Camera. And idk about this camera in the front… they could use a camera quick shot button.

    2)Better Call Quality. And increased battery life is always a nice upgrade.

    3)Idk about you guys but i went from a Nokia with great service on my plan to always having Service issues, so like better service quality.

    4)Cost. Yes the initial cost for the phone is fine with a contract… we get that. But its not the initial, its the data plan that you need that is more expensive than any other plan out there, like me i have unlimited text and not even unlimited minutes and its over $100 a month at At&t. So i roll a 2g iphone unlocked for a regial service using Wifi paying 30 a month. Thats where At&t should step in. The cost of the phone is like any other good smartphone. They are all 399 up with out a plan, just the monthly plan kills it for alot of people.

    5)I agree with Tom with the upgraded hard drives, make that thing as big as possible, becuase hes got a point, some people have 40, 50+ gb of stuff or even more in their itunes. 64gb would we nice.

    6) Catch up to the Droid with this Multi Tasking, im tired of hittn springboard for when i get a text on facebook, or on an email. Make it quicker to access.

    7) Faster Processing, make it the fastest out there, no lagging!

  21. I want to have:

    1) A major upgrade to hard drive, 64gb / 120 gb = it’s still also an ipod and people want to have other multimedia there too + have their music collection aboard.

    2) Some design modifications like: white color also, glowing Apple logo as seen here and in Macs: http://www.mobilemag.com/2010/02/27/iphone-4g-concept-updated-price-to-be-cheaper/iphone-4g-concept-adr-02/

    3) Frontal camera + upgrade to the touch screen + better processor which is kinda obvious —->


  22. anyone know if the 4g is the one that will be offered via Verizon later this year?

  23. I really like the concept, but it looks ugly at the top.

  24. … and if it looks anything like the one in the youtube video linked above, then no thanks. That one’s pretty fugly!

  25. If this is the face of the iPhone 4G, then I’m in, even if it means switching carriers. Awesome design, I hope Apple’s listening to you!

  26. i m nokia n97 user and hv never used iphone, but now i want to shift to iphone. can anybody tell me does iphone support push mail like nokia new messaging.

  27. oliver ferriss

    the new iPhone HD ad from Apple :

  28. Man, I cannot believe how stupid people are. The Iphone 3G is only $99 if you sign a new 2 year contract with AT&T. Read the fine print people.

  29. Do you remember when DVD players first came out about 12 years ago? They were about $800. Now you can find them for about $40. What about the price of gaming consoles or BluRay players when they first came out vs. now? Trends show that new technology gets more affordable as time goes on.

    Patience is a virtue.

  30. @Bob funny how you say things matter-of-factly when NO official specs have been released..

  31. There will definitely need to be a new button added for multitasking abilities.

  32. cory ur an idiot the there will be two cameras one in the back and one in the front u people r dumb

  33. @Matt This concept art of the ‘new’ iPhone looks identical to the iPad only as a smaller version.. I don’t see that as an upstage but more uniform.

  34. Why do people want the camera up front? I’m aware of the possibilities that open up, but how will you take pictures or record video of something other than your own face if you’re staring at the back of the phone while trying to aim the camera? Will they integrate a cheesy 90’s era viewfinder into the phone’s case somehow? If not, the phone will need two cameras – which is ridiculous, especially if we are to hope for flash capabilities (my main complaint on the iPhone 3Gs).

  35. @ Rick – the current iphone 3GS (not sure about 3G) can connect to your active directory/exchange server – so yes – fully compatible with outlook emails… you wont need a blackberry ent. server for your iphone to work, hence the reason I can’t wait to get rid of my blackberry!

  36. Is it just me or does that fact the iPad will have the relative design (exterior-wise) of current gen iPhones kind of rule out any radical design change to any iPhone in ’10??? I mean if the iPad is such a revolutionary device, why would apple upstage it by debuting a new iPhone that looks much different and/or better than the current???

  37. @Mel, Your right… susan, Jim… ask AT&T what they would charge for the Iphone 3g with out a 2 year contract. the 3G 8gb is 399, the 16gb 3gs is 499, and the 32gb 3gs is 599. Now u throw in a 2 year contract you can get them for 99, 199, and 299 as long as you get a 2 year agreement that you will pony out the dough for the next 24 months. look at the finer print on the price tags at AT&T and Apple. heck the Ipad broad band vs for 849 will be discounted with a 2 year contract with AT&T in april

  38. To all people who really think iPhones are as cheap as $99, wait until you lose one and then try to get a replacement from AT&T for $99. I rest my case…

  39. The iPhone 3G is only $99 if you buy an AT&T contract…even if you buy from the Apple website. Pay attention people – it’s very clear on both AT&T’s site and Apple’s site. The phone, without a new contract, costs between $199 and $699, depending on the model.

  40. Any thoughts on whether or not the new iphone 4g will be compatible with Outlook email and Blackberry enterprise servers? I’d sure like to ditch by Blackberry for an iphone 4g.

  41. there is an iphone for $99 ….. get it straight l0L

  42. @August, you don’t get the point. There is no $99 iPhone either – like you say, you went to an AT&T shop: they’re not offering you an iPhone for $99, they want you to sign an expensive 2 year contract and in return they give you a big discount on a new phone (a subsidy). Indeed, that discount brings the price of an iPhone down to $99 – note that AT&T will pay Apple a lot more than $99, my guess it is something between $300-$400.

  43. Reuben Waltner

    this better have a bigger screen or i am going droid with the dell mini 5

  44. @Mel: Yes there is no such thing as free iPhones, BUT there is a $99 iPhone. I just went yesterday to At&t and I was checking on the iPhones.

  45. @Susan, there is not such thing as a free or $99 iPhone. Depending on in what part of the world you live, handsets are heavily subsidized. So a cheaper 4G iPhone will mean the carriers can offer the device for ‘free’ on a cheaper (and/or shorter) contract.

  46. If I can only use the Wi-Fi and not have to purches the data plan every month I’ll be purchising one the day it comes out.

  47. > from Morgan Stanley believes 85% of the
    > market is not willing to shell out the
    > amount of money Apple want’s for their
    > devices

    I paid $600 for my iPhone.
    Brand new ones are now $99.
    Refurbs are $49 (some are even $29).
    Best Buy has them for *FREE*.

    This is still “too expensive” for such an amazing device?

    • They seem to be talking about an “expensive” pricepoint with new product launches. Initial launch costs have always been substantially higher, companies are now beginning to phase the cost into a longer mid-range distribution plan, rather than a larger upfront cost to the user.

  48. i think the shape ruined the look of the iphone it really look cheap now and tacky dooh .

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