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A glance at the 2010 Toyota Auris Hybrid

2010 Toyota Auris Hybrid Concept

Toyota has been taking a beating in the media lately, but that still doesn’t change the huge success they’ve seen from their Prius Hybrid. On that same premise, Toyota has decided to expand the hybrid lineup by adding a compact hybrid hatchback, the hybrid version of the Auris 2010 to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

In order to keep the competition going, the new model will be priced much lower than the Prius and other models like Honda’s more affordable hybrid. Exterior changes are small, the Auris will have a new bumper with integrated fogs (on the TR and SR), new headlights, modifications to the bonnet and a new grill that is clearly part of the  Toyota family theme.

A 1.8-liter I-4 is part of the “Hybrid Synergy Drive” system, with an 80-hp electric motor and electrically variable transmission. The concept aims to increase gas mileage by using low rolling resistance tires, smoothing the underbody panels to reduce drag, and a lower ride height for stability, most should be seen through to the final product.

Sad news for North America, Toyota currently has no plans on bringing the Auris Hybrid to it, however they have promised to incorporate its hybrid system into its entire lineup over the next decade, that means a Corolla or Matrix hybrid is in the not-so-distant future.

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  1. I don’t see how one can get anymore compact than the Prius. Though, I do welcome the cheaper price.

  2. One day, a “Clean Burn, diesel hybrid will exit the VW gates and close down even ambitious and duteous Toyota with superior engineering and design. This car will meet the needs of a less pampered more desperate American population who now pay too much for gasoline and are hurting. Asian demand for oil on world markets will cause a re-think about the 40% more efficient Euro-diesels as gasoline jumps from commodity to luxury price ranges. Honda knows this too, and is studying “Diesel’ at night-school for engineers! Watch for this switch before the end of the next decade. Watch for astounding battery car advances for the same time period. Remember the Shanghai taxis – in tough commercial service for over two years in Shanghai, “Volt” knock-offs before Volt is anything more than vapor-ware, goddammit! and the new electric bullet train network born in Florida, expected to expand exponentially across the U.S.A. with cheapest ever fares, a full 400% more efficient and nuclear/electric driven! The paradigm is shifting as GM(America) fades from the scene, a last ditch socialist effort in a sea of capitalists and corporatists. Onward to the 21st Century and change America! With or without Obama.

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