HTC Magic upgraded to HTC Magic+ by Rogers Wireless

HTC Magic + shown on the Rogers Canada website.

Following up on the HTC Dream, the HTC Magic was the second Google Android phone to grace the shelves at Rogers Wireless. It offered a full touchscreen-based interface and worked well to introduce Canadians to the Android way. Well, it’s received a sizable upgrade; so sizable, in fact, that Rogers is calling it the Magic+.

As you may recall, both the HTC Magic and the HTC Dream were pulled off the shelves at Rogers so that they could deal with a pesky 911 software issue. With that update in place, it seems that Rogers wanted to give a little more, that’s how we ended up with the HTC Magic+.

The hardware itself remains unchanged, but now the Magic+ has been loaded with Android 1.5 and the HTC Sense user interface. This interface is much more aesthetically pleasing than the UI it replaces, but that’s about it. It is otherwise the same phone.

As a quick refresher, there’s a 3.2″ touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera, microSD expansion, and access to Android Market for plenty of fun apps. The HTC Magic+ will get Android 2.1 by the middle of this year as well.

The current asking price from Rogers for an HTC Magic+ is $79.99 with a qualifying three-year contract. Go with no contract and it’ll cost you $599.99. When Android 2.1 comes should we expect the HTC Magic Super+ or just the ++?

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