Formula 1 engineers create BERU Factor 001 bicycle

Formula 1 engineers create BERU Factor 001 bicycle

Formula 1 engineers have proven their genius and created something out of the box, yes its true –this time it’s not a car, not even a motorcycle but a bicycle.

It’s a master-piece creation of BERU F1 Systems (British engineering firm), factor 001 was designed from the ground up as an “integrated, cohesive device” according to the ideas of the talented engineers of BERU. BERU was keen about what a customer would desire and what they would really love to see in a dream bicycle, thus they introduced features like carbon fiber monocoque frame, carbon-ceramic brakes and an LCD touch-screen that displays biometrics and several other readings to distract the rider and crash into a wall. Luckily carbon fibre is nearly indestructable.

Each factor 001 takes six engineers to build the master-piece an entire week. Hence, BERU will produce only a few hundred factor 001 bicycles. A factor 001 bicycle is currently on a display at the London’s Science Museum and Harrod’s department store at price £22,000 (that equals around 34,000 US$).  It won’t be a surprise to see many top racing professionals trying out this bicycle.

BERU Factor 001 Bicycle Image Gallery

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