XDA Developers hack Windows Mobile HTC smartphones to run Android 2.1

We wont get into any details of why you wouldn’t want to run WinMo on your HTC any longer, perhaps it could be the lame apps, or from a developers stand-point being stuck with .NET.  Whatever it may be, you are now free.

Developers, or hackers, at the XDA Developers forum have released a beta ROM of Android 2.1 that will run on the HTC Kaiser (aka AT&T tilt), Vogue, Niki, and Polaris.  Apparently the setup is nearly complete, everything is operational except a couple insignificant things (yikes) like the camera and Bluetooth.  WiFi, GPS, Phone, Sleep and Battery indicator a bit sluggish, but all working.

The team is doing their best to get the camera and Bluetooth working, they also have a bug tracker for users to help them troubleshoot anything that may arise during your conversion to Android.  A tool called HaRET will allow you to run the hacked ROM on your phone alongside Windows Mobile, if your just interested in taking a peak without the plunge.

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