Sheridan College shows new 3D tourism game using BlackBerry smartphones at Vancouver 2010

Sheridan College arrived in Vancouver and setup shop at the Ontario House to display their latest glasses-free 3D technology. With Spacial View, RIM, and experts from Sheridan, they have created a puzzle game called IC3D featuring 20 of the most interesting landmark locations in Ontario.

A 3D landscape is displayed on a large 46-inch 3D autostereoscopic display screen by Spatial View, five people can play, each using a BlackBery smartphone. Pieces of each landmark are scattered throughout the screen in a frozen ice-land. The object is to assemble the pieces, or “icicon’s” as they call it, to complete the level. Once finished gamers are rewarded with a multimedia presentation on the attraction. A great way to show tourists especially Canada’s ability to use cutting edge technology, some of our landmarks, and have fun doing it. It’s definitely a step ahead of traditional “landmark museums” where you basically stare at a photograph with a plaque mounted info-board.

A clip of the IC3D game and some other videos can be found on the Sheridan College website.

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