Corsair Padlock 2 is rugged, offers on-board password protection and 256-bit AES encryption

The story of an MI6 operative losing his memory stick resulting in a multi-million-dollar undercover drug operation being compromised is frightening for the ops, but could have been avoided had the secret service agency been equipped with encrypted flash sticks. Nothing could be worse than putting your life, or those of your colleagues in danger, but for the rest of us, keeping our bank account passwords and personal documents safe and secure is our prime directive.

Corsair has just announced a ruggedized Padlock 2 with OS-agnostic password protection via the keypad built into the unit, and 256-bit AES encryption on the all data stored in the memory chips inside. If it’s lost, you neednt worry as cracking 256-bit encryption is no easy feat. If you forget the pass there’s a method of resetting it, but that will result in wiping the data clean. 8GB units are available immediately for $59 US.

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